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Addiction isn’t a series of bad choices, or lack of willpower, or moral failure. It’s a chronic brain disease. And it can be treated.

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Whether you’re dealing with alcoholism or any other chemical dependency, everyone has access to the same specialized care. Our fees are based on what you can pay.

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Andrew Davenport Joins Reach for Recovery as Executive Director

Andrew Davenport, MSW

Executive Director

We’re delighted to introduce our new Executive Director, Andrew Davenport. With a Master of Social Work (MSW) from Grand Valley and 15+ years in the nonprofit sector, Andrew brings remarkable leadership and a strong passion for substance use disorder treatment and recovery.

He assumes the position following the dedicated tenure and retirement of the outgoing Executive Director, David Teater, whose leadership has been pivotal in guiding the organization’s expansion and achievements.

I reached for love

“There’s a lot of comfort in the support of other people. They changed my life and I’m not just talking about drugs and alcohol. The way you think about things, the way you filter and perceive things. It was life-changing.”

– Natalie, Client

You can help change someone’s life like Natalie’s.

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