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Peer Recovery Coach Program

Our Peer Recovery Coaches are well versed in recovery principles, substance use and co-occurring disorder recovery programs, and the intricacies of our treatment approaches. You can expect our coaches to:

  • Work independently and exercise sound judgment, discretion, assertiveness, and problem-solving skills to address client issues effectively.
  • Collaborate seamlessly within a multidisciplinary team.
  • Engage with clients, contractual service providers, probation officers, caseworkers, attorneys, and community representatives.

What We Do

Our Peer Recovery Coaches work closely with clients in various settings, collaborating with clinicians and house managers to offer the necessary support for recovery. Here is a brief overview of what they do:

Confidential Support: Our coaches ensure the security and confidentiality of clinical documentation in compliance with federal and state laws and Reach policies.

Effective Communication: They maintain regular communication with Reach personnel to facilitate a holistic approach to recovery.

Recovery Management: Coaches assist participants in defining recovery goals, identifying barriers to achieving those goals, and devising strategies to overcome challenges.

Continuous Learning: Coaches attend training and professional development programs as directed by REACH to stay current and effective in their roles.

Community-Based Support: They provide community-based peer support, connecting participants with community resources, facilitating transportation, job search functions, in-person meetings, and more.

Immediate Assistance: Our coaches are available to work non-traditional hours and be on call to offer immediate support, especially following relapses or crises.

Maintaining Sobriety: They maintain sobriety and law-abiding behavior to serve as positive examples for our participants.

Support Group Facilitation: They lead support group meetings and other sober social support activities to foster a sense of community and shared recovery.

Meet Our Coaches

“I understand through a wide range of lived experiences, that recovery is a multidimensional journey of action, discoveries, and maintenance and not a destination. I am passionate about walking alongside others at any stage of the journey, removing barriers, and sharing the many resources and gifts I’ve discovered through various pathways. Together we can be the voice of recovery and build the recovery community.”

“I started working with to Reach for Recovery in 2021 after a career in business administration and human resources. In sustained recovery since 6/13/15, I am an active member of the recovery community and a Certified Peer Recovery Coach since 2022, working with with organizations like Ottawa County Recovery Court and Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services. Outside of my work, I cherish time with my wife, 2 daughters, and two grandsons.”

“I have been in long-term recovery since 4/7/2017 and I am grateful to be alive today. I have gained so much living a life in recovery. I have stability, a career (Peer Recovery Coach for two different organizations), a husband and two beautiful daughters that I have the opportunity to see grow up. I believe my past experiences can be used for a greater good. I’m passionate about helping others recover, and my main focus is meeting individuals and supporting them right where they are at.”

Get Started With Our Recovery Coaches

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