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Family Services

Addiction is a family disease and it hurts everyone – especially children.

Addiction is a disease that affects every member of the family, including children. Relationships are damaged and trust is destroyed. Without help, the consequences can last a lifetime.

You can break the cycle.

Research tells us that kids of addicted parents are the most likely group of children to become addicted themselves. But the cycle can be broken.

Together, you can heal and recover.

Even if your loved one is not currently in treatment, Reach provides a variety of services tailored to the needs of your family.

Family Assessments

We understand that talking about family issues with someone you don’t know can be awkward and difficult, but we want you to feel comfortable and rest assured that everything is confidential. We give you the opportunity to discuss your current situation and tell us what changes you’d like to see within your family. You’re welcome to include anyone in this meeting you wish. We’ll try to answer all of your questions, provide feedback on the information you share, and offer a plan for turning the changes you want into a reality for your family.

Group Counseling

Having a loved one in recovery is a journey – and not always an easy one. Our group counseling creates a support system that connects you with others who have someone in recovery.

The group’s goals are to experience personal and family healing and to create healthy relationships. We want you to identify the strengths within your family and show you how to build on these strengths to create a healthier family environment. It’s a safe place to begin reclaiming what addiction has taken from you and your family.

Topics Addressed:

  • codependency
  • communication
  • enabling
  • expectations in life and recovery
  • grief, loss, and blame
  • improving your physical and emotional health
  • relapse and triggers—yours and theirs 
  • the role of spirituality in recovery

Individual Counseling

There are times when you need to reach deeper than what group counseling allows. When that’s the case, our professionals will address the unique needs of your family experience by conducting individual therapy sessions with members of your family.


When dealing with addiction, one of the most difficult things to do is knowing how to address the addiction with your loved one. Unlike the confrontational, single-event interventions often portrayed in the media, we believe a phased approach with all interested family members ultimately produces better outcomes. In a phased intervention, we assess the needs of each family member in order to create a customized treatment plan and timetable for the entire family.

I reached for hope

“If you embrace what they’re doing and keep an open mind, it will dramatically change the way that you feel about yourself and other people.”

– Lamar, Client

You can help change someone’s life like Lamar’s.