When you’re all alone, reach for a new friend.

Outpatient Program

We help you reach deep within to address and manage barriers to recovery.

We understand the toll that addiction plays in your life – and in the lives of those close to you. Reach’s outpatient services help those affected by addiction, directly or indirectly.

Our professional counselors will work with you to create a recovery plan that helps you manage your addiction successfully. Individual and group therapy sessions help you achieve a new level of honesty with yourself and those close to you. It helps you discover new ways to think about yourself and others. It replaces your substance dependency with a way of life that is happy, joyous, and free.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a proven way to treat addiction. Sessions help you better understand addiction, develop a personal recovery program, and learn relapse prevention tools. Reach offers a variety of group therapy programs to assist adults ages 18 and older through their recovery. Our initial assessment ensures you’ll be placed in the most appropriate group.

Individual Therapy

Adults and teens 18 and older benefit from one-on-one therapy sessions with Reach’s masters level therapists. It sets a solid foundation in the early stages of treatment and recovery that puts you in a mindset for long-term recovery. Therapy sessions take place at both our Holland and Grand Haven locations.

I reached for relationships

“And all of a sudden, everything just fell off my shoulders. The relationships are intentional, people are here to help you – with every part of your life.”

– Jason, Client

You can help change someone’s life like Jason’s.