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Staff and Board

Meet Our Team

We are trained specialists.

We love what we do. It’s not always easy, but that’s what makes it so meaningful. Reach’s clinical staff are all licensed masters level therapists, certified advanced alcohol and drug counselors, and are experienced in treating co-occurring mental health conditions and trauma.


Nicole (She/Her) completed her Master of Social Work Degree (MSW) from Michigan State University. She is also trained in EMDR therapy and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). Nicole has a passion for helping overcome the struggles of untreated mental health, trauma, and substance use issues. She hopes to build a comfortability and openness in acknowledging use or other struggles, with a goal to reduce shame and create self-awareness as well as healing. Nicole has eclectic interests but is mostly defined by her sense of humor, compassionate care, and love of wolves.

Kyle (He/Him) obtained his master’s degrees through the dual-track Master of Divinity/Master of Social Work program at Western Theological Seminary and Grand Valley State University. He became impassioned through his own therapist and colleagues to provide others with the same safe space to engage the deepest questions of life, to learn more about their innermost selves, and to seek relief from the suffering addiction can cause.

Sarah has over 12 years experience in the field of Substance Use Disorder treatment. Sarah works from the philosophy that we are all doing our best but when our best is not as effective as we need it to be, we can discover a new path to develop skills and support to make our best better! Sarah believes in the incredible resiliency of the human spirit and strives to meet individuals where they are. She lives with her husband and two children where enjoys staying active and being outdoors in nature with her family.

Peter was born in Pontiac, MI, and raised in Grand Haven, MI. He earned both his BSW and MSW at Grand Valley State University School of Social Work. Peter’s hobbies largely consist of outdoor activities such as backpacking, practicing bushcraft skills, and walking with his dog.  In his journey of becoming an Eagle Scout, he had partaken in a great deal of mentoring. He later discovered that social work had a unique branch known as Adventure or Experiential Therapy. His passion for being outdoors and helping individuals had become a dream come true!

Jordie has worked at Reach for Recovery for over five years.  His goal is to help people meet their true potential, increase personal comfort and interpersonal honesty.  When not at work, Jordie enjoys playing hockey, watching football and has a great appreciation for outdoor activities.

John received degree(s) from Grand Valley State, Ferris State, and Northwestern Michigan College in Social Work and Paralegal/Business Studies.  He hopes to be a channel of positive planned change for anyone in need.  John is an advocate for social justice designed to build a better future for everyone with no exclusions.  John enjoys reading, writing, and music.

Tara received her Masters of Social Work from Western Michigan University and carries with her over 25 years of clinical experience at Reach. There is little that Tara has not seen. Tara believes in meeting people where they are at and recognizes the challenges and the courage it takes for people to reach out for help.

Jenna has a Master’s degree in Social Work and one of her greatest goals is to empower those she works with to understand their own worth and cultivate a deeper belief in themselves. When outside of work, Jenna enjoys spending time with her new puppy, Piper! Jenna is so excited to get to know you, hear your story, and walk alongside you here at Reach! 

Jim Stark has a long history of providing mental and substance use treatment in a variety of settings. Addressing the individual needs of consumers in a holistic manner is always a priority for Jim. He works at the Chester A. Ray Center House where provides a safe, supportive and structured environment.

Alissa was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University and chose this work because of her passion for people. She enjoys finding ways to overcome life’s challenges and values seeing people find confidence in themselves and strength in their own journey. Alissa’s favorite activity is reading, watching movies, and listening to music. She also enjoys volunteering in her community and has volunteered with Girl Scouts for a number of years.

Jordan is a Physician Assistant specializing in Addiction Medicine. She is from Illinois and attended Grand Valley State University (GVSU) in Michigan, graduating with a Biomedical Sciences degree and continuing her education with their Physician Assistant graduate program. Becoming a Physician Assistant allowed Jordan to help people lead healthy, fulfilling lives, which is a passion of hers. While she is not working, Jordan loves parenting her two Victorian Bulldogs, Gus, and Panini, and exploring new places with her husband. She also prioritizes staying physically active through walking, hiking, biking, yoga, and CrossFit activities. 

Linda earned her bachelor of science in nursing at Northern Michigan University and attended Grand Valley State University for her graduate degree and nurse practitioner education.  She has been a nurse for more than 40 years and spent most of her career as a provider in an emergency department. She also worked part-time providing medical-forensic evaluations for victims of domestic and sexual violence.  For Linda, providing compassionate care, encouragement and support to this patient population is extremely rewarding. Linda also enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, traveling, music, and skiing.

Traci graduated from Western Michigan University in June 2023 with her MSW-clinical with a concentration in substance use disorders. Traci believes that people who live with substance use or mental health disorders deserve to be heard and live life to its fullest. She wants to help at least one or two people find hope that they may not have otherwise. When Traci is not studying or working, she loves to spend time with her husband and daughter watching sports, she is an avid reader and is learning how to paint. 

Meet our Board

Reach is a community supported organization.

Reach for Recovery is governed by a board of directors who are dedicated to providing treatment and the hope of recovery for individuals and families struggling with alcoholism and chemical dependency. If you’re interested in opportunities to serve on our board of directors, reach out to learn more.

Our Board of Directors

Andrew Davenport, Executive Director
Tom Lagone, President
Linda Jacobs, Vice President
Steve Darrow, Treasurer
Chuck Kohlruss, Past President 
Leonard Fazio
Lindsey Gorsline
Jess Garrison
Michelle Newton
Bill Paxton
Dr. Mark Stid 
Terrence Taylor