Recovery is a decision you make every day. For the rest of your life.

How to Help

The story of recovery doesn’t end here.

The cost of addiction is high – for an individual, for their loved ones, and for the community. We know the recovery process never stops. It’s a lifelong journey. But every donation, large or small, makes a real difference on the road to recovery.

Find out what you can do to help.

More than 7 million children live in a household where at least one parent is dependent on or has abused alcohol.

Donate Items

If you live in West Michigan, you may be able to donate items to support a person getting treatment in one of our residential recovery homes. To see how you can help, view our wish lists:

For more information, just reach out:

Lacy Monroe, House Manager
(616) 396-6872

Educate Yourself

In addition to making a donation, you can educate yourself about addiction and help reduce the stigma that surrounds it. Visit our addiction resources for more information. If someone you know is struggling with addiction, please encourage them to get the help they need.