Reach past your addiction. Reach for people who care.

Mothers with Infants

Now is the time to create a better future for yourself and your child.

As a mother, you want what’s best for your child. And sometimes that means taking better care of yourself. Too often that means having to choose between parenting your child or getting help with your addiction. We don’t believe that’s best for either of you. You’re in this recovery journey together.

Harbor House is a residential treatment center that accepts mothers with infants up to 12 months old. This allows you and your child to grow together. Childcare is provided while you are in treatment sessions. Health services for you and your infant are coordinated with resources in the community.

I reached for my future

“I feel really good about my plan going out of here and the good things that lie ahead of me.”

– Lydia, Client

You can help change someone’s life like Lydia’s.