A Journey to Sobriety with Chester A. Ray Center

In the realm of recovery, stories of transformation often emerge from the shadows of adversity. Among these transformations is the journey of an individual we’ll call Jason, a name chosen to protect his privacy while sharing his story. From the grips of alcoholism to the stark reality of cirrhosis, Jason found himself at a crossroads, […]

Journey Through Addiction, Struggle, and Transformation 

We had the unique opportunity to sit down with a former client of ours for an in-depth interview. This candid conversation explores the transformative journey of navigating the challenges of addiction and resilience. Through the lens of his experiences, we aim to shed light on the broader themes of recovery and offer hope to those who may find inspiration in his compelling story.

Moment for Mission

In this heartfelt letter from a recent Chester Ray client, they share their remarkable journey of battling alcoholism and finding hope at the Chester A. Ray Center. After reaching a critical point in their addiction, they sought help and went through detox, only to discover they had cirrhosis of the liver and end-stage liver disease.

I REACHED FOR JOY: An interview with Penny

From a hidden alcoholic, to a recovering addict, to a Reach employee, Penny truly is a testament to the impact Reach for Recovery has in the lives of those who reach for help.